The Essence of natural medicine: Insights for practitioners

Natural Medicine embodies a philosophy of nature's inherent healing power, focusing on unlocking and enhancing each individual's innate healing potential. This approach encompasses holistic well-being, investigates root causes, and minimizes interventions while educating patients, contributing to a sustainable and comprehensive healthcare approach.

The Therapeutic Order: Hierarchy of Healing

1. Promote Optimal Health Conditions

a. Identify and Eliminate Disturbing Factors

b. Establish a Healthier Regimen

2. Activate Nature's Healing Power

a. Utilize Self-Healing Mechanisms

3. Address Weakened or Damaged Systems/Organs

a. Strengthen the Immune System

b. Reduce Toxic Load

c. Normalize Inflammation

d. Optimize Metabolism

e. Restore Regulatory Equilibrium

f. Foster Regeneration

g. Achieve Harmony with Vital Energy

4. Restore Structural Integrity

5. Manage Pathological Conditions using Natural Approaches

6. Manage Pathological Conditions using Pharmaceuticals/Synthetics

7. Suppress Pathology through Surgical Intervention

Key Considerations:

  • The sequence of therapeutic steps may adapt according to individual patient requirements.

  • Patient well-being takes precedence in determining the treatment strategy.

  • The therapeutic order caters to both acute and chronic concerns.

  • Immediate issues are prioritized to prevent exacerbation of damage.

A catalog of therapeutic modalities


A catalog of diseases and evidence-based natural medicine treatments

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)